Veggie Land

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It’s always a delight to find vegan food, even more so when it pops up in the most unexpected of places. Veggie Land is a Vietnamese vegetarian spot (more like an oasis) in the food court at the Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino.

The mall’s food court is over by JC Penney, and on Friday mornings, there’s a farmer’s market conveniently located just outside in the parking lot. You can shop for fresh fruit and veggies and then go in for a quick bite to eat.

I asked the counter person if everything was vegetarian. “Yes.” Anything vegan? “Yes, everything. No egg and no onion.” As usual, when presented with an entire menu of options, I’m racked with indecision. Should I get one of the noodle soups or the jackfruit salad? I settled on the BBQ plate with vermicelli.

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The BBQ is the Asian type of veggie mock meat with a very nice flavor and a chewy, meaty texture. Comes with vermicelli noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, cucumbers, peanuts, cilantro and a separate container of sauce. I think the pile in the right upper corner is shredded tofu and vegetables.

Everything was very fresh and delicious, and it’s a good sized portion for $ 6.50. Plus it only took about 5 minutes or so to get my order, pretty darn good for fast food, vegan or not.

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