Patxi’s Pizza Vegan Thin Crust

Patxi's Vegan Thin Crust Pizza

Did you know October is National Pizza Month? And it’s World Vegetarian Month too. Celebrate by smooshing them together and you can have a month of vegan pizza eating.

Starting off with Patxi’s Pizza, last time I got the vegan deep dish in downtown Palo Alto. A newer location opened that’s much closer to me in downtown San Carlos, still it took awhile for me to finally get over there and try out their thin crust pizza.

Because October is also Spinach Lovers Month*, I got the 10-inch thin crust Spinacini – fresh spinach, whole roasted garlic cloves, roasted grape tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, swapped out the fresh mozzarella for Daiya vegan cheese. There’s no additional charge for vegan or gluten-free substitutions (yay for not being nickel-and-dime to death on that).

Patxi's Vegan Thin Crust Pizza Slice

If you’re ordering the deep dish, order as soon as you sit down as it takes awhile to cook. The thin crust comes out much quicker. There’s salad and apps if you desired such things, I was there just for the pizza, after all, it is National Pizza Month. Good hot out of the oven, but I like it better the day after when the flavors have a chance to meld a bit more.

*Where do all these different national food months come from? Can anyone just make one up? Is there one for vegan food? For reals, Vegan Month of Food better known as VeganMoFo, coming up in November this year.

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