Cooking Up Great Health with Dr. Fuhrman

Learn how to cook, the Eat To Live way, making high nutrient eating taste great, with green smoothies, sorbets, high cruciferous soups and other super foods that super-charge your health. This is a 10-minute excerpt from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 80-minute presentation at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2007. To get a full length DVD of this talk, as well as talks of 11 other fascinating speakers, visit: and click on “Store.”

Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • SuperDickweed

    Since I started this diet never had bigger stools. My wife is always complaining you clogged the toilet again! As she stomps off with the plunger. This diet may cost me my marriage.

  • SUBXERO1961

    ive been vitamix a boat load of veggies everyday, thx dr f

  • bobluhrs

    He’s got me adding higher micro-nutrients to my diet. I am keeping a small amount of meat because I think meat has more value than maybe he does. My blood type is O. I have done vegan / vegetarian diet before and the war goes on between the extremes of diet. In the middle there’s not much arguing about a balanced diet with no extremes. I did improve my cholesterol readings by giving up about a pound of steak per day, and limiting meat intake. But I think a few ounces of meat a day is good.

  • adrygarcia

    @Macedon51 if you eat enough fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to drink water.

  • EdwardsNH

    @MrFoodismylife “Although raw foods won’t promote hair loss in the context of a balanced menu, a mainly or exclusively raw diet may lack nutrients needed for hair growth. Insufficient iron can result in hair loss, and low levels of protein forces the body to shift your hair into the resting phase. Because raw foods tend to be very low in calories, a diet based on uncooked items can produce rapid or significant weight loss, which may also cause your hair to thin.”

  • MrFoodismylife

    i also stopped consuming ridiculous amounts of protein to support muscle growth since i wasnt going to the gym

  • MrFoodismylife

    @LeppardPrintAnimal i went raw right around the time i started losing my hair… i stopped going raw and continued losing hair… i stopped losing hair about the time i gave up on dieting and going to the gym completely… shaved my heads and now that its grown back the hairloss has stopped.. idk wth happened

  • LeppardPrintAnimal

    Am I the only one getting hair loss since going vegan?

  • fiending

    this recipe has officially turned me into a gourmet chef.

  • Macedon51

    Th only thing Dr. Fuhrman is not mentioning is the importance of drinking PURIFIED water. All else is spot on.

  • futoncat

    @empathy97 “Sad” isn’t a strong enough word. They teach retardedly stupid stuff in “health” classes these days. THIS is what’s important.

  • dreddyclinic

    The point is why is a plant based diet so healthy and preventive for diseases for everyone and so very important, because its a alkaline diet; which can prevent cancer and other diseases in the long term. Most animal proteine affect our pH (China Study) and cause many medical problems. “Medication” doesn’t cure them, whole food can do it. I teach in my courses how to watch this under the microscope and how do improve this.

  • talyesin3

    so much wisdom

  • Kimbell175113

    @momoftor Yeah, he mentioned Mrs Dash because it has no salt, and that’s what he was looking for in a seasoning.

  • momoftor

    I keep trying to hear the last few words – is he saying it’s good to use Mrs. Dash, or not? Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks!

  • momoftor

    I keep trying to hear the last few words – is he saying it’s good to use Mrs. Dash, or not? Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks!

  • ilgarauchut

    I’m making soup tonight! with kale and mustard greens!

  • empathy97

    I’m kind of sad to see that you don’t get this kind of info in school…

  • Nakutao

    This is the best video ever and Dr. Fuhrman is absolutely right about eating some healthy slow cooked veggies and eating raw. A 100% raw vegan diet is not as healthy as a 100% vegan whole food diet with healthy slow cooked veggies!

  • TwoneXCeLZ

    This guy is good.. check out Gary Null as well.. The more ppl you listen to the better.

  • petragomes0608

    Very nice health diet information tips by Dr. Fuhrman follow his instructions to be healthy in life.thanks for sharing this video.

  • ncfwhitetigress

    it can also turn you orange lololol

  • meteachu01

    I have Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live book (read it twice) and Eat for Health (2 set) books and they are wonderful.

    He is the reason that I am a vegetarian today. I learned so much from him and he makes things so very clear.

    Thanks Dr. Fuhrman, I feel better than I have ever felt at the age of 48yrs old.

  • IcuonlineWebtv

    Excellent, best I have heard in a long time. I even learned a new word today “reconthink” 02:37 :)) reconsider + rethink = reconthink, I like…

  • plumevine

    Home made veggie soups are really ace. Mum fed me those as baby food and they became my comfort food.