18 Salads You Can Make a Meal

Welcome to fatness. Welcome also to stretchy pants, a fridge full of leftovers and that I’m-never-eating-again feeling. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and something tells me you could use a salad. I definitely could.

What bothers me even more than the current tightening of my waistband, however, is that most salads are pitiful. They’re flat and flavorless, without color or zest, and lack irresistible ingredients that get you in the mood to feast on forkfuls of greens. If you share that viewpoint, the 18 beautiful, scrumptious salads in this list will change your mind.

Most of these salads are vegetarian (for the ones that aren’t feel free to sub with leftover turkey!), but they are all knock-your-socks-off delicious. Fresh and hearty, healthy and easy to make a light weeknight meal. Or an impressive addition to a dinner party feast.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to say “feast.” I know you can’t handle that right now.

Grab the ingredients and get to salad-ing yourself up. I know you’ll find at least a handful you love. They’re all easy and absolutely delish. Just… I apologize in advance for how many times the word “caprese” is included in this list. I’m sort of a fan.

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