Weeknight Skillet Sazon Chicken Tenders

quick skillet sazon chicken tenders Weeknight Skillet Sazon Chicken Tenders

This simple, kid-friendly chicken dish is quick and easy to make for any night of the week – ready in under 15 minutes!

When Karina, my oldest daughter (and the pickier of the two) was younger, and I was making something spicy I knew she wouldn’t eat, I used to quickly whip up this dish. Nothing fancy, it was simple and easy with ingredients I always had on hand.

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Homemade Sazon Seasoning Mix

 Homemade Dry Sazon Recipe Homemade Sazon Seasoning Mix

Making your own Sazon spice blend is EASY to do – and the best part, no MSG! Read more…

Skillet Skirt Steak with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

SkilletSkirt SteakwithBalsamicCherryTomatoes 2 600x858 Skillet Skirt Steak with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

Have mercy! Just looking at this juicy, delicious steak makes my mouth water.

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Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding

coconut lime raspberry chia pudding Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is the ultimate guiltless dessert, you can even have this for breakfast – if you’re into that sort of thing! 

Me, I’m a huge fan of chia seeds. They have no taste so it basically takes on the flavor of anything you mix up, and those tiny seeds expand to more than triple in size when soaked in any liquid and did I mention they have a satiating quality to them? Win! It’s also gluten-free, dairy free and vegetarian.

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Summer’s Bounty

14860209936 54264d0783 o Summer’s Bounty

While my sister was away on holiday, I raided her backyard garden. Because I’m a pirate and that’s what pirates do. Arrrr! That’s pirate talk for “I like vegetables.”

Back in the kitchen with my loot, I made a simple pasta dish so that the freshly picked from the garden tomatoes and basil can really shine. It’s so simple and easy, a recipe is hardly necessary.

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The Skinnytaste Cookbook: 3 FREE Bonus Recipes with Preorder

The+Skinnytaste+Cookbook +Light+on+Calories,+Big+on+Flavor The Skinnytaste Cookbook: 3 FREE Bonus Recipes with Preorder

I just got a sneak peak of the printed version of The Skinnytaste Cookbook and I’m beyond thrilled for it’s release on September 30th, and am so grateful for all of your enthusiasm and support so far! Read more…

4-Ingredient Quick Nutella Mug Cake

1MinuteNutellaMugCake 600x854 4 Ingredient Quick Nutella Mug Cake

When you’re in the mood for something a little sinful (and there are no goodies in sight), you only need to go as far as your pantry! This rich and decadent Nutella cake can be mixed up in seconds, cooked in one minute, and in your choco-lovin’ tummy almost as quickly. Especially if you’re me, and totally disregard my own instructions to wait a few minutes for the cake to cool.

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